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Do you have missing teeth that are keeping you from doing the things you love? Do you avoid going out in public? Are there certain foods you avoid? Are you finding that even your physical health is suffering?

We live in a world that wants us to have an attractive, healthy smile. At Battle Mountain Dental, Dr. Thompson and our team want to restore your smile and give you the freedom and confidence to eat what you like and interact with others.

One restorative dentistry option we provide is dentures.  We offer two types: removable and permanent dentures.

Removable dentures can be taken out at any time for cleaning, eating, or sleeping.

Removable dentures can be crafted in two different ways:

  • One is the traditional dentures system, which is when the dentures are attached to the gums using a dental adhesive.
  • The other type is the implant-supported system, which is when the dentures are secured to dental implants. They can be clicked on and off of the implants like a retainer.

Both systems can look and feel like real teeth, so you can laugh, smile, and feel free to have your photo snapped.

Permanent dentures are secured permanently onto dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium rods placed into the gums and jawbone that act as new tooth roots. The dental implants are restored or topped with a dental crown. The dental crowns combined with the dental implants create new sturdy teeth that can function like natural teeth.

When dentures are placed onto dental implants, they can be even more durable. These permanent dentures are not removed and do not need to be adhered to the gums. They are secured permanently to the dental crowns that top the dental implants. These fixed dentures give you the most freedom to eat the foods you love and eliminates the risk of them falling out.

With either denture system, you can confidently interact with society again. Dr. Thompson at Battle Mountain Dental and our team want you to love your smile. Call today to schedule a consultation!